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                  廊坊市增建木業有限公司是華北地區生產清水模板的專業廠家之一, 緊鄰全國較大的膠合板市場左各莊, 地理位置優越, 交通便利, 公司占地約三萬平方米, 擁有職工200多人, 專業技術人員10人, 自成立以來先后配備了各種現代化設備幾十套, 引進先進生產線, 我們清水建筑模板廠自創辦之日起即確定了“以質量求生存, 以科技求發展”的指導方針我們用優良的產品、優質的服務, 不斷贏得新老客戶的青睞?!百|量優質信譽顧客至上”是我們的經營理念; “誠信、實干、拼搏、創新”是我們的企第業精神。我們的發展壯大離不開您的關心與厚愛, 實現“雙贏”是你我合作的基礎, 共同發展是我們的合作目標。


                  Langfang Zengjian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturers of water purification templates in North China. It is adjacent to the national large plywood market Zuogezhuang. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. The company occupies an area of about 30,000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. People, 10 professional and technical personnel, since the establishment of the company has been equipped with dozens of modern equipment, the introduction of advanced production lines, the company from the date of its establishment has identified the "quality of survival, technology and development" guidelines we With excellent products and excellent service, we continue to win the favor of new and old customers. "Quality is the credibility of the customer first" is our business philosophy; "integrity, hard work, hard work, innovation" is our enterprise spirit. Our development and growth are inseparable from your concern and love. Achieving "win-win" is the foundation of your cooperation. Common development is our goal of cooperation.

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