We will search the local market in the area that you have selected and help you find your ideal home.


Obtain all legal documentation and search reports necessary to complete the purchase.


Rent out or sell your Real Estate in Slovenia and get a evaluation of your Real Estate.


Approximate market value of the Real Estate, valuations by licensed experts.


Drafting a preliminary agreement, a sale agreement, a lease agreement, completing tax forms...

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Retirement investment in property, move to Slovenia

24.10.2013 Foreign buyers of real estate in Slovenia say; “Your own four walls are by far the most popular form to plan for retirement in Slovenia,”
Buyers from UK anf Germany move to Slovenia as the safest and most profitable form of retirement investment. Low interest rates and decrease in property prices have made residential property more affordable, while life insurance and other investment options have declined in popularity. A good plan to boost retirement savings through property investment with rental income and buy-to-let options.
One of the safest and most profitable way of investing for retirement is by purchasing property. Foreign buyers of real estate in Slovenia say; "Your own four walls are by far the most popular form to plan for retirement in Slovenia,”

Slovenia is a major tourist destination in Europe. This place is not only popular for its dense forests, vineyards and cosmopolitan towns but also for its stunning Julian Alps ski resorts all of which entice visitors from all parts of the world to this place year after year; this in turn creates increased demand for superior quality holiday rentals and other types of accommodation in Slovenia.
The turbulence in global and UK property markets has made a lot of buyers and sellers very nervous. In this climate, investment property in Slovenia looks a much safer bet. Slovenia is an attractive and diverse country, with a solid infrastructure, superb food and wine and a culture that’s appealing to holidaymakers.
Increasing numbers are searching for overseas investment property and buying retirement investment property in Slovenia.
The straightforward buying process is the main attraction of the real estate market in Slovenia. Slovenia buying law safeguards the interests of both buyers and sellers of property. Slovenia estate agents can meet the requirements of both local and foreign buyers by assisting them in each stage of Slovenian property purchase. The availability of mortgage on local property and local financing are the other reasons that make the purchase of rental property in Slovenia a highly attractive proposition. Now is the best time to buy cheap property for sale in Slovenia.