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Energy performance certificate in Slovenia

10.12.2014 About to move to Slovenia, country with green character, energy performance certificate and energy efficiency buildings.

Slovenia is a country with green character. Forests cover 58.4% of its area, making it the third most forested country in Europe, and 36% of its area is within the Natura 2000 network. One fifth of its coast is protected, and it is one of the richest European countries with regard to the amount of river water per capita.

By adopting the Green Strategy of Slovenian tourism 2012–2016, Slovenia committed to the sustainable development of tourism and the respect of its green character. Therefore, the Slovenian Tourist Board developed the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism in 2015, a special program for introducing sustainable models in tourism and raising awareness concerning careful environmental management.

The first winner of the Slovenia Green quality label was Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016. Up until now, 12 destinations and 10 operators have been awarded the label, and 16 destinations are in the assessment process. The gala award ceremony for new holders of the green quality label will take place on 27 September within the Global Green Destinations Day international event, when one hundred of the most sustainable destinations and operators in the world will also be revealed and Slovenia’s sustainability rating will be given. Slovenia is the first country in the world to be comprehensively rated according to international sustainability criteria.

Since 2015, 12 destinations and 10 operators have joined the Green Scheme. The first destination to be given the Slovenia Green Destination label was Ljubljana, while other holders of the quality label include Kamnik, Idrija, Rogla-Zreče, Radlje ob Dravi, Cerkno, Laško, Žalec, Celje, Velenje, Nova Gorica, and Maribor. The holders of the Slovenia Green Accommodation label are the Thermana Park Hotel in Laško, the Koren Camp in Kobarid, the Terme Snovik Spa, the Urška Tourist Farm, Ortenia – Apartments in Nature, the Trnulja Estate, the Park Hotel in Ljubljana, the Celica Hostel, Pr’ Gavedarjo Design Rooms, and the Jožef Hotel in Idrija. The assessment process now includes 16 destinations.

The Slovenia Green quality label is a commitment and a guarantee that the recipient will operate and improve in accordance with the sustainability principle, reducing the negative effect on the natural and social environment, and preserving and emphasizing the special features of the local environment, identity, and the natural and cultural landscape.


Energy Performance Certificate for buildings is an European instrument for promotion of energy efficiency. The energy performance certificate informs the buyers and tenants about the energy efficiency of the building and expected energy costs as well as possible investments into an energetic upgrade.

Who and when needs an energy performance certificate?

In last days of 2014 the energy performance certificate made confusion for property market in Slovenia. Building owners must put forward the document prior to the sale or rent of buildings, before the contract is concluded. The energy performance card is aimed at owners which will obtain credible and independent professional assessment of the energy performance of buildings, as well as suggestions on how to improve it, while potential buyers of real estates, get a clear picture of the energy efficiency of a building or apartment and possible future interventions in the building.

From 1.1. 2015 you need an energy performance certificate, if you want to advertise sale or rental property.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

The energy performance certificate contains information on the energy performance of the building. It also makes recommendations to increase the energy efficiency of the building. It is intended primarily to the purchaser or. tenant, because through it aware of the energy efficiency of the building. A building owner must give the energy performance certificate or tenant, the buyer before the contract is signed.

Where to get the energy performance certificate?

The energy performance certificate drawn up by an independent expert who has a valid license to produce it. The owner of the building is obtained by submitting an application from an authorized expert.

List of authorized issuers of energy performance certificates

Two types of energy performance certificates in Slovenia

The calculated energy performance certificate may be issued for each building, while it is mandatory for residential and new buildings. It is calculated at a constant internal temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Energy indicators that are used in this card are (1) the annual heat required to heat the building per unit of usable area of ​​the building, (2) the annual energy input to the operation of the building per unit of usable area of ​​the building, and (3) the annual CO2 emissions from the operation of the building per unit of usable area of ​​the building.
The measured energy performance certificate is reserved for existing non-residential buildings, as the sale of such property does not substantially alter the way a building is used. Its manufacture requires less work. Energy indicators measured are (1) the annual energy input, intended for conversion into heat per unit of usable area, (2 ) the annual electricity consumption due to the operation of the building per unit of usable area , and (3 ) the annual CO2 emissions from the operation of buildings per unit of usable floor area .

In buildings with several units, the energy performance certificate may be issued for the entire building. Instead of submitting a certificate for each part of the building a certificate for the entire building can be submitted. Apartment building with at least four condominium units, which was built until 1980, must obtain an energy performance certificate no later than 2015.