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Ljubljana Real Estate: Your Real Estate Investment in Slovenia

26.09.2016 We actively search the market for the most beautiful but affordable holiday homes in Slovenia and highest potential investment properties in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is one of Europe's most attractive real estate markets. Whether you are looking for a safe place to invest, or are considering relocating together with your family, Slovenia’s capital city has a lot to offer.

The Ljubljana real estate market represents a stable and safe investment destination with strong potential increases in value. Demand for the property market currently exceeds the existing supply. Due to Ljubljana’s unique historical background, you can still find new properties in a reasonable price range in the centre of the city.

Ljubljana Real Estate: Your Real Estate  in Slovenia

Ljubljana ranks in the top three cities in Europe in terms of attractiveness for real estate investors. Slovenian capital Ljubljana has been named European Green Capital 2016. Rents and costs of living remain relatively moderate in comparison to similar European capital cities. After a long sleepy period the Slovenian real estate market is coming to life again. From the year 2008, when real estate was most expensive, until 2015, apartment prices have dropped by one fourth on average. The prices of houses have gone down 30 percent.

Last year the drop in prices came to a halt. According to figures released by the Slovenian Statistical Office, real estate prices slightly rose by 0,8 percent. Sales have increased across the country, but there are still differences between the regions. 1,6 billion euros worth of real estate was sold last year. That's four percent more than in 2014, but still almost 30 percent less compared to 2007.


Prices drop by a fourth, in some areas even more

The average price per square meter for resale apartments fell by 400 euros since 2008. In Ljubljana prices per square meter fell by 600 euros; in Maribor by 300 euros. Prices at the coast are still reasonably high, standing on average at around 2,100 euros per square meter.

The drop has brought back buyers and consequently the fall in prices has come to a halt; prices are now on the rise and the market has come to life again. 9.300 apartments were sold last year. Before the crisis the number of sold apartments stood at 11 thousand. In 2009 only 5.578 were sold. Meanwhile more than 4,200 houses have new owners, which is 1,500 less than in the golden years. According to figures from the Surveying and Mapping Authority, only 2,250 houses were sold in 2009.